Our Mission

The LSU 32 is a collection of physical examination skills that we feel are necessary to perform a complete physical examination of patients. The idea behind the LSU 32 originated from a desire within the LSU Department of Internal Medicine to create a focus on the teaching of the physical examination to our medical students and internal medicine residents. We understand the demand of physicians in training to learn all of the major nuances of the world of medicine, including documentation, clinical guideline pathways, electronic medical records, and understanding emerging alternative payment strategies.

Our desire is to emphasize the importance of the patient first and utilize the skills employed in the LSU 32 to incorporate aspects of a competent, holistic physical examination in our daily practices.

Najy Masri MD

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Physical Exam Skills


The Ophthalmology Exam

Pupillary Exam Findings and Use of an Ophthalmoscope


The Lung Exam

Learn the difference in normal and abnormal breath sounds


Assessment of JVP

Learn how to appropriately assess the Jugular Venous Pressure


Assessment of Ascites

Learn how to appropriately assess for ascites using physical exam maneuvers.


Evaluation of the Shoulder

Learn how to appropriately evaluate the shoulder of patient


Assessment of the Cranial Nerves

Learn how to appropriately assess the cranial nerves