Auscultation of a Pleural Friction Rub

LSU Physician Champion - Dr. Carol Mason

Abnormal Breath Sounds - Pleural Friction Rub

The parietal and visceral pleura are normally separated by a very thin layer of fluid, allowing them to glide over one another silently

- when the pleural surfaces becomes inflamed, they become less smooth and grate over each other with the motion from inspiration and expiration
- the grating of the pleura may produce a sound, known as a friction rub
- a friction rub is a harsh sound just below the stethoscope and close to your ears, as if twisting a piece of cork (i.e. creaky). Heart sounds will also be able to be auscultated, despite the friction rub
- a friction rub often varies in intensity with inspiration and expiration

Recording of Pleural Friction Rub

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